Shadowrun: Circles


Thoughts of a New Excursion

-Met elderly magical woman that seems to not like Frei too much, add a kink dungeon/ operating theater. Kuei was left behind to stay with her. And after waiting at the van, practicing guitar.
-Surprise Surprise, Frei knows big burly men. How charming of the little one. And the fact that they are brothers working for an elderly woman is so charming.
-And now, down in a abandoned metro station, in the dark. Scraping of paint and watching Frei grit her teeth as she drives.. is this van not hers? Then Titan going out to converse with his.. friends… and… wait why the hell is the building teeming with wireless signals? Ah..its a museum of body parts. I like this, one day if i come back with Titan.. I hope to buy from them and make a certain thing. A drone, a drone all of my own design. out of things meant for short willed bastards, charming.
- After this almost getting blown up, i do question the competency of this group’s ‘fearless’ leader. but i cannot speak i had thought to explode the building with me inside it.
-And Titan has a new gun of proportions with a larger frame and from a ghoul with self esteem issues. Now we are looking for more INFECTED freaks of nature. I’m hoping to get my drone back online after this excursion.


MalYaska Kash

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