Shadowrun: Circles

Into a New Mouth

Hanging with Kwei we meet one of his friends Kai Rin, and he is most interesting. being, aligned with the triads. That and tagging people on their ears. And listening to Wao Chai, spinning what happened about the raid into a terrorist attack (Crashing a helicopter does wonders doesn’t it?). Looking to sell my dongle over the matrix, i hail a taxi and head home. And recalling the information i was just given, Use my tag eraser on my ears as im in the . While relaxing for a bit, I look up the copter. I find that its crashed in a building because of a massive failure of its internals. I am proud of my little abominations, terrifying to all the folk that are not of my aligning nature.

We were called up more for a pro bono job looking for the yakuza courier that didn’t show up at the meeting. I wait more for at least a crumb that i can search on but with the situation.. Vory and the Yakuza are at each other’s necks, and we are looking for a Yakuza courier. This means that we are either going to hack into a Yakuza system or asking the Vory if the killed any couriers.. well.. this is a problem.

Looking for who is starting the ruckus i find, Ishida Shojiro- head of oldest Yakuza servant house, highly racist against everyone but japanese humans, brother died 20 years ago in a car crash. (late 50’s), is on the crusade. And is the head of the skuffles between the Vory and the Yakuza.

Before getting to Imperial Ramen i close up my little creation, take a taxi as i hear Titans urgent need for identification of a person, i hail a taxi.

The courier is a female its up in the air of if shes alive or dead but after this, its very little time before he checks his phone. so i just hog out on his information, vent it to titan and kill his commlink. Im expecting that there is more madness underneath us now.


MalYaska guineapig2222

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