Shadowrun: Circles

2074-07-05 - Kuei's Log

Death and Delivery

Since the last communique, I went into the belly of some horrible laboratory, faced down some twisted (and I say that with special inflection) version of an infected, and got our pay.

The van, damaged as it was, was enough to get us down to the place the ghouls told us about. It was a hole in the ground, with some kind of weird looking magic overtop it; something neither Titan nor I had seen before. We did a bit of investigation, but neither of us could figure it out. So what the heck, most things are reversible. I put my hand in, and upon attempting to pull it out found I was missing some skin.

Someone should have put a sign up. I mean, especially considering what we found down there. This one-way ward seemed to be to keep something down there. So why would you NOT have a sign to say “warning, stay out you idiot”?

So we jumped in. I levitated along the walls. Frei glided down. Titan climbed, as did the new addition to our group. Not sure why we picked up the stray, but no one seemed to question it, so I didn’t either.

At the bottom we found a cross between a penitentiary and abattoir. And also a lab. Because crossing three is better.

We attempted to sneak through the halls, but the monstrous something probably smelled us. Or, at least, smelled Titan or Freak. The Raven somehow keeps my smell muted.

It appeared at one end, filling the confines to the brim, and we brought out the guns. Well, they did. I don’t do guns, though it seems most problems we find are solved by guns. So maybe I should get one.

What little magic I could get through I did. Bullets flew. Blood spilled – thankfully mostly theirs – and it all ended with some kind of death curse that nearly wiped Freak out of existence. But, luckily for him, I have been stopping magic from killing my friends (and people killing something trying to kill me count as that at least until combat is over) for quite some time.

The giant thing keeled over, turned into some kind of blood mannequin, and then evaporated. Or something. It happened fast. But, hey, weird things sell to the right people. So we gathered up the giant beastie, which I had to levitate behind the van very slowly since it wouldn’t fit, and the three smaller loup-garous, which we managed to knock out.

We drove the stolen monsters back through the hidden entry way, and dropped off the normal loup-garous off by Fae Lung’s place. We took the big, possibly huge, payday off to a freezer recommended by Fae, who had a 80% chance of forgetting we asked him for a refrigerated, no-questions-asked storage locker. Hopefully we’ll find a buyer for that thing soon. Otherwise we’re out 2k a month. But we were all guessing blood magic, so there’s a good chance someone will pay to do some research. Hopefully someone trying to beat the blood mages, but either side pays.


MalYaska alexeikurov

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