Shadowrun: Circles


Frei's Journal

So we arrive at the location the overly sensitive ork spoke of before had his guys blow up the roof, asshole, however at first glance there was nothing just an empty and strange “room” with a water filled pool of some sort but we stepped out of the Sturmwagon to get a close look, on the note of that truck Kijiku is going to kill me.

Well turns out that the water was not water but a one way barrier and once we got down I wanted to go back out, the background count was mean in fucking hell scape kind of way, something really fucked up happened here.

As we explore the hidden compound the thing that kept creeping up in my mind was that this place must have had been an magical RnD facility of some sort and most likely not of the legal verity however that have been abandoned along time ago but as we explored one of the cell blocks our targets showed up looking to ambush us and while the fight went relatively nobody died and we got our three targets.

Well that ass of an ork should be happy we took care of this pack as they were not feral but most likely kidnapped victims of the huge beast that ruled them with blood magic, something else that struck me was the big beast might have been just another victim of the real monster behind it, the blood spirit possessing it, this place makes my ruff stand on end and my skin to crawl something fierce what ever went down here was really, really nasty and blood magic was involved.

Good thing we could get the body of the beast out, along with the three subjects that had been promised those would go to our employer while the big boy well the draco foundation offers plenty of nuyen for all things blood magic related and I know how to contact them, ill have talked to Kijiku about her sturmwagon and its condition but that will be the last thing I do with this team, also I am really sick of eating dirt but to be honest I am getting used to that now, not that I really wanted to ever get used to something like that.


MalYaska Kash

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