Shadowrun: Circles

Engage... Or Not?

Morning comes, the landlord is eating into my pocket now at the same time Frei calls me. i don’t pick up, I text her and we talk about the fact that half of the suicide squad aint answering and what to do without our technological pain in the ass.. I put up the option that we still got time, and she agrees that we could look for another job. I text Xingshu about it as i get another text from Frei and get asked to get her money. I get up off my ass and start going to her place until i hear a buzzing and find that same.. fucking flyspy. I took my Meta-Link and chucked it at the flyspy, I fucked the thing with that bitch phone. And looking it over.. i found the parts that were salvageable and collect the parts that weren’t entirely fucked. Went over to Frei to pick her up and we went to her place. She looked through the parts and saw that it has good coding in it. Fucking rigger, who is so interested in me? Who are they? Do i KNOW them?

Anyway, Frei is going to her meet, while i watch the meat of her, being a spotter. for her and when i listen to her spout about the public access terminals, I figure out where some of them are but.. they don’t work or they are removed… but eh. Going in together after ringing up Paladin. We meet up with him at a coffee shop and then.. everything’s going to shit. Paladin is having his hero boner, and Frei is getting pissed at this. I don’t wanna deal with this, so.. pick up Paladin and take him.

We arrive near the place and there are people every-fucking-where. Police every-fucking-where, its a riot. and its perfect for Paladin to have another hero boner.. and at that, I’m picking up elf, breeder and Troll teeth. Well troll fangs but eh.. gearing up to gun down Paladin with teeth if he decides to act on his hero boner. We find a breeder smoking and leaning on a thing, and Frei shows her pissy side. She has ever reason to but still. and apparently, the breeder was a weak piece of shit. Him and his wannabe pack of breeders. and now.. we arrive at the place and take forever to find the thing and none of them are functioning until we find a protected datajack. Frei plugs in and shes gone. She wakes up and tells me that she got some files, I try and help but I cant make head or tails of this. So, we leave to the Skullcrack. We walk in and find the Elf being depressed. He accepts to fix the parts, but not to open the files. And now we are at the impasse.


MalYaska guineapig2222

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